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www.proetoolbox.co.uk - Simple Automation made Simple

This site holds ideas and resources for getting more from the world class CAD package known currently as Creo Parametric. There are sections pertinent to owners of my Automation with Pro/Web.Link book as well as ones on my Peer to Peer PDM and Model Based Design explorations. I hope you learn something new.


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Measure the benefits Simple Automation can bring
Painting Classes for Pro/Web.Link
Resources for Toolbox owners
Resources for Toolbox owners

Peer to Peer PDM

Learn Pro/Web.Link
PDM shaped your way
Laying a foundation
The angle this fits in
Spreading the Idea
Peer to Peer is sharp enough to cut

Model Based Design

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Drawings in the 3rd Dimension
Joining the Process
Potential Evaluation

Other Resources

Learn Pro/Web.Link
Hammer some other nails
Saw Pro/E up for your purposes