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Pro/Web.Link Capabilities

Pro/Web.Link can manipulate many aspects of Creo Parametric including:

  • Global aspects of Creo Parametric function such as config.pro options.
  • It can manipulate models.
  • It can pull models from Windchill and work with a workspace.
  • It can modify the value of dimensions and parameters.
  • Functions exist to import data, export data and execute the output of various text-based reports.
  • Geometry descriptions can be extracted and analysed in applications.
  • Family tables can be modified.
  • Simplified reps.
  • While Pro/Web.Link doesn't have native feature creation capability this can be carried out by functions to apply UDF's (User defined features).

    Pro/Web.Link cannot control everything about Creo Parametric. However there is enough functionality to create significant additional value for a user. The de-facto reference for Pro/Web.Link is the API Browser which can be found at a location similar to <CREO_LOADPOINT>/Creo 3.0/M040/Common Files/weblink/weblinkdoc/index.html.

    The API Browser (installs with Creo) is an indespensible tool for Pro/Web.Link development
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