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Example Applications

These applications have been organized into specific areas and are tested under Creo 3 Parametric running Windows 7 using IE11 and with default windows_browser_type configuration options. A couple use D:\temp as a temporary directory. A couple of the examples leverage additional ActiveX components (Excel and FileScriptingObject) and as such you'll need to be sure to configure Creo to have ALL Pro/Web.Link config options filled out to enable such capabilities.


Structured BOM zip

Creo Parametric can of course produce a bill of material. However the format is often non-optimal and the content can be subject to error if items are excluded from the currently active simplified rep. This application produces a structured Bill of material (product structure) from a Creo Parametric model.

Example Application - Structured Bill of Materials

List External Copy Geometry Parents zip

This application produces an interactive report where parent models for external copy geometry features are listed. They can be retreived into session behind the scenes to enable accurate regenerations.

Example Application - Identify External Copy Geometry Parents

Pipe Feature Reporting zip

This application demonstrates how information reports can be exported and then programmatically re-read to then place key information back into parameters within the model. Specifically this application inserts the pipe length for a pipe feature into a parameter within the model.

Example Application - Measure Pipe Feature Length


Find Single-Side Edges zip

If you've ever wondered why you can't make your quilt solid, this utility will help give you the answer. It analyses geometry to find single sided edges in your model.

Example Application - Find Open Edges

Parameter Manipulation

Parameter Cleanerzip

This utility will help you to mass add/delete/'rename' parameters on multiple models in session. You will need to modify the code to accomodate your companies standard parameters.

Example Application - Parameter Cleaner


Drawing Tables zip

This utility demonstrates how easy it is to connect desktop applications (in particular Excel) with Creo Parametric in an informal manner with ActiveX. Users can import excel files to create drawing tables, export drawing tables to create excel files and update Creo drawing tables based on an Excel file.

Example Application - Import/Export Excel tables

Drawing Pro/Program Setter zip

This demonstration utility highlights how when faced with functionality that isn't accessible to Pro/Web.Link (or even Pro/Toolkit for that matter!) a macro may provide a solution. The program writes a series of Drawing Pro/Program relations to connect drawing parameters associatively to those of the drawings model. Modify the code to suit your companies standard parameters.

Example Application - Drawing Pro/Program Writer


Mass Open zip

Instead of working on one file at a time, this utility allows multiple items to be brought into session at once so you don't have to keep waiting.

Example Application - Mass Open Models

New Windows zip

If you often need to make a change to multiple objects, you'll like the ability to mass open (into new windows) many objects. And instead of having to manually close each one a function helps users to mass close them when you've finished.

Example Application - Open New Windows


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