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Pro/Web.Link Limitations

It's Browser Technology

  • Browsers are considered 'Insecure'
  • ...Many companies lock down use of ActiveX. PTC actually supply Pro/Web.Link as an unsigned ActiveX control specifically to make sure companies use it knowingly. This means you as an application developer have to have good control of your environment (both configuration as well as installation rights as well as Internet Browser security settings) to make it work seamlessly. Creo3 onwards can be configured to use Chromium components (no this is not Chrome) for companies where IE is locked down completely.

    It's Browser Technology

  • Internet Explorer isn't Chromium
  • ...If you let users run whichever internal browser type they so choose, you'll have to write special handling functions and be aware of the various browser deviations. You'll want to test under all of those options. It's usually a lot easier if you can control the userbase to one internal browser.

    Can't modify menus

  • Can't add a button
  • Can't add a menu
  • Can't control ribbon
  • ...Pro/Web.Link applications (without suitable additional helper applications) are typically called up by a user from a collection of links under the favourites tab. I usually suggest combining a simple J.Link program to build toolbars which have buttons that call these web page applications.

    Pro/Web.Link is Synchronous

  • Only runs in Browser
  • Creo has to be started
  • ...You can't write a solution that starts up Creo Parametric and batch processes a set of files overnight. Batch applications are usually limited to what's in memory or what's on screen.

    Feature Creation

  • Can't build sketches
  • Can't build features
  • ...Feature creation is handled in Pro/Web.Link by applying UDF's (user defined features). The main downside is that one cannot manipulate the sketch directly, only the dimensions.

    Some miscelaneous Items

  • Setting Colours
  • Modifying Pattern Tables
  • Identifying External Parents
  • ...Pro/Toolkit will remain the most complete Creo Parametric API. Pro/Web.Link will always be missing odd peices of functionality (vs. Pro/Toolkit). Depending on the situation you may need to write a small Pro/Toolkit application to act as a helper for your Web.Link utility.


    There are of course other limitations of the API's from what is listed above.

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