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What is Pro/Web.Link?

Pro/Web.Link is a Creo Parametric Application Programming Interface (API) that allows web pages to interact with Creo Parametric (and the data inside). Applications are web pages (HTML+JavaScript) which are loaded into Creo's embedded browser. The applications are executed in Creo Parametric's embedded browser and can operate on models in-session, from disk and from a Windchill Workspace.

Example Application - Chain Builder

Why Pro/Web.Link?

Of the 4 current PTC API's for Creo Parametric (Pro/Toolkit [C++], J-Link [Java], Pro/Web.Link [HTML+JavaScript] and Visual Basic API [VBA and VB]), Pro/Web.Link is by far the most suitable one for rapid development of solutions by Engineers.

  Pro/Toolkit J-Link Visual Basic Pro/Web.Link
Learning Very Hard Hard Medium Easy
Development Slow Slow Medium Fast
Deployment OK OK OK Simple
Engineers Conclusion No No Maybe Yes

JavaScript and HTML are far easier to learn than compiled languages such as Java and C/C++. Applications don't have to be compiled as for a C++ based Pro/Toolkit application. UI development is fast (and very interactive). JavaScript has capability to cover all logic capture needs. Since web pages are 'served' from a central location, there is little in the way of administation to be concerned with. Pro/Web.Link being easier to learn, faster to develop with and simpler to deploy means a higher return on investment.

For those looking for a third party alternative to the PTC API's and especially those who appreciate the concept of Simple but powerfull automation, SmartAssembly is a highly production worthy alternative. Especially if you expect to generate a wide variety of applications and you have no desire to learn JavaScript.

Why Simple Automation?

Automation MUST be a profitable enterprise, companies should strike a balance between what's actually possible and the required investment to achieve that level of automation. IT-led projects are typically high-visibility, high-risk, high-technology focus and high-levels-of-automation style projects.

Graph of Benefit vs. Investment to highlight Simple Automation 'sweet spot'

Companies often find themselves in the mega-project syndrome, where obtaining a particular benefit becomes completely outweighed by the investment needed to do it. Sadly most IT departments prefer giant expensive and risky solutions to most massive business initiatives (e.g. Centralize a companies library of parts). I advocate that the 'Simple Automation' approach is equally valuable. Simple Automation is Automation but on a smaller scale. Typically done by Engineers themselves Simple Automation applications provide a good ROI because they require only a very small amount of investment (hours/days versus months). Because each activity is short, the overall risk burden for failure when conducting Simple Automation is small. Pro/Web.Link applications can of course end up as highly complex as any other peice of software. However it is accessible to anyone with Creo and a passion.

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