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Installation Troubleshooting

A small application has been constructed to help diagnose issues with Pro/Web.Link installations. It does not replace the fault finding sequence below nor does it replace the API Browser Pro/Web.Link setup section. A simple application has been written to attempt to help users diagnose the problem. It has been written to be able to be leveraged by system administrators in their respective companies, you can get it from here. You should follow the fault finding step by step and restart Creo Parametric each time.

Config.pro Options

By default Pro/Web.Link is disabled, you will need to re-configure your config.pro options and restart Creo Parametric.
  • web_enable_javascript on
  • web_link_proe_read yes
  • web_link_proe_write yes
  • web_link_file_read yes
  • web_link_file_write yes
  • Should you require a tighter security environment, you can reduce access rights by turned off some of the last four options.

    Config Options for Pro/Web.Link

    Internet Explorer Web Security Settings

    Pro/Web.Link is an ActiveX control (on Windows), therefore in order to use it web browser security must be set appropriately. Internet explorer needs to be configured to allow ActiveX scripting for unsigned controls.
  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Tools/Options/Security
  • Adjust preferences for Intranet and Trusted Site zones
  • Add Zone for the server the application is coming from
  • Save Settings, Restart Creo

  • For local development, you can choose to show the Local Machine Zone settings by following the procedure at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/182569.
    Trusted Sites Dialog 1

    Trusted Sites Dialog 2

    Trusted Sites Dialog 2

    Trusted Sites Dialog 2

    Check Pro/Web.Link IS Installed

    It is possible that Pro/Web.Link hasn't been installed. Check that '<proe_install> / weblink' folder exists. Note that while it's possible to run Pro/Web.Link merely if '<CREO_LOADPOINT> \ Creo 3.0 \ M040 \ Common Files \ x86e_win64 \ lib \ pfcscom.dll' exists you will need access to the API Browser which is installed in this folder.
  • Reinstall Creo and make sure Pro/Web.Link is checked for installation
  • Restart Creo
  • Check WebLink folder exists

    Manually Register Pro/Web.Link

    In some companies it is possible that users do not have sufficient privileges to register the ActiveX control.

    In these situations an administrator can also manually register the Pro/Web.Link ActiveX control.

    Manually Register Pro/Web.Link control
  • Exit Creo
  • Start a console ('cmd')
  • Enter 'regsvr32 <creo_loadpoint> \ Creo 3.0 \ M040 \ Common Files \ x86e_win64 \ lib \ pfcscom.dll'
  • Restart Creo

    You run Multiple versions of Creo (Creo 2, 3 etc.)

    Due to the ActiveX technology, Pro/Web.Link can only be registered once on any machine. Therefore you cannot run a Creo 2 Pro/Web.Link session at the same time as a Creo 3 Pro/Web.Link session. Whichever starts last effectively re-writes the registry settings (assuming sufficient privileges are in force). It's OK to start Creo 2 run an app, shutdown Creo 2, start Creo 3 and run the same app but you won't be able to re-run the Creo 2 app if Creo 3 has recently been started.

    You should be careful of this limitation with the implementation architecture of Pro/Web.Link. In order to ensure that the correct Pro/Web.Link is registered each time it may be neccessary to incorporate a command line to unregister the control during Creo Parametric startup so that the correct control gets re-registered.

    Unregister Control
  • regsvr32 /u /s <creo_loadpoint> \ Creo 3.0 \ M040 \ Common Files \ x86e_win64 \ lib \ pfcscom.dll'
  • The switches /u and /s are unistall and run silently respectively.
  • Exit and restart Creo

    If you still find that Pro/Web.Link doesn't appear to run the 'Is_WebLink_Working.html' application then you should file a support call with PTC technical support at http://www.ptc.com/support. Be sure that you've tried all the steps above and have secondarily tried the steps outlined in the API Browser as in the following picture.

    Pro/Web.Link setup guide in the API Browser