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Bonus Applications

These resources are most usefull to owners of the "A Pro/ENGINEERS Guide to Pro/Web.Link" book. Apps marked * have been updated/tested in Creo 3, Windows 7, Office 2013, IE11 platform.

Material Setter *

Material Setter for Pro/ENGINEER
  • Open Assembly
  • Load App
  • Choose Materials
  • Process Choices
  • Bounding Box Calculator *

    Bounding Box Calculator
  • Open Part
  • Load App
  • App Looks at Solid Geometry
  • Uses First Co-Sys for XYZ
  • App Works out XYZ Dims
  • App Works in Model Units
  • Pro/Web.Link Toolbar *

    Toolbar Add-In for Pro/ENGINEER
  • Adds Custom Links
  • For *Creo*
  • TK Ribbon file for UI
  • Links open Your Apps
  • Note Spell Checker *

    Note Spell Checker Demonstration
  • Open Drawing
  • Load App
  • Pick Note
  • App uses MS Word
  • Issues have Options Shown
  • Can Correct Pro/E Note
  • Using External Data *

    Using External Data Example
  • Copy array.xls to d:\temp\
  • or Edit FilePath Global
  • Open Part/Assembly
  • Open Example
  • Page reads from Excel
  • Page writes into Part
  • Page reads from Part
  • Synchronising Tables *

    Drawing Table Updater Utility
  • Change a Drawing Table
  • Load App
  • Pick changed table
  • App updates all similar tables
  • Pro/Web.Link Code Editor

    Customised SciTE to aid Pro/Web.Link development
  • Code Highlighting
  • Code Completion
  • Code Expansion
  • API Quick-Ref
  • Custom API Browser
  • Integration with *Creo 3*
  • Relation Commenter *

    Relation Commenter to quickly comment out relations in multiple selected Models
  • Have Assembly Active
  • Load App
  • Pick Button to Start
  • Select Models to Comment
  • App Attempts to Comment
  • App shows result to user
  • Program Ripper *

    Program Ripper demo App to quickly remove Inputs and Relations from active Models Pro/Program
  • With Model Active
  • Load App
  • DXF Output *

    DXF Output Application
  • Setup Drw for Flat States
  • 1 Part per Sheet
  • Set View No-Hidden
  • Set Tangent Edges None
  • Setup DRAWING_NUMBER Param in Part (sets Prefix for DXF)
  • Load App
  • Reads Note for DXF Name
  • Outputs DXF for each sheet
  • Symbol Counter *

    Symbol Counting Example
  • Example Counts Instances of a Symbol
  • Example Updates Variable Text in another Symbol
  • Reporting Analysis Features *

    Example code to show how to extract Analysis Feature information
  • Extract Zip
  • Open Part
  • Open App

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