Editing the File History Info

The previous version of this article showed how Creo Parametric wrote the Audit Trail history in a somewhat readable and slightly editable set of strings inside the otherwise binarized file. I never did find a way to fully hack the File History using a binary editor. However the main use case of purging the file history can be accomplished by using one of Creo's hidden config options. For the official information regarding this topic, see PTC CS38592.


Setup a config option in session called purge_history_on_save_copy set to yes.

Open up your part and save a copy of it. If you then inspect the file history, hey presto it has been wiped back to a single entry.



I beleive it us still possible for unscrupulous students (yes you, who is looking for a way to copy homework) to hack/purge the File History section. If you're a professor on the other hand reading this and you suspect they hacked the file, then let's face it they deserve a special weasel award anway.