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I've been involved in PTC consulting and Pro/Web.Link applications for 10+ years. A simple need to write a couple of simple scripts got me hooked on the sheer power, flexibility and efficiency of web development. I'm constantly improving my knowledge and feel that others may benefit from the information and techniques I've been exposed to.

The Creo Parametric Installation

Leveraging PVX as a preview component

Embeding Creo View

Customising the Creo Info Pages

Extending the Info Pages

Hacking the Audit Trail Info in the Pro/E Header

Hacking the Audit Trail

Customize your Default Sketch Pallet

Custom Sketch Pallet

Trying to make a SMALL Creo Installer

Making a Creo Patcher

JavaScript Optimisation Tricks

Self-Optimising Functions

Self-Optimising JavaScript Functions increase the performance of X-platform code.

Loop Construction

How to form loops to best improve performance.

How to generate a Unique JavaScript Array

Generating unique lists using JavaScript hashes.

Improving Code Modularity with Callee Property.

Using the Callee property to build self-contained functions.

Leveraging the YUI for Pro/Web.Link Applications

Getting Started with the Yahoo User Interface (YUI)

Getting and Installing YUI Locally

Combining YUI and Pro/Web.Link to make Fast Development even Faster

Combining Pro/Web.Link and the YUI to Speed Development

Building a Pro/Web.Link Code Library

The Sprite Technique to aid setting up an Icon Library

Introduction to the Sprite Technique.

Development Resources/Tools

Pro/Web.Link aware Code Editor

Pro/Web.Link Editor

Creating a custom NSIS Installer

NSIS Install System

Image Gallery from Pro/E Install

Icon Resources

Issues to consider when you can't use IE

Working without IE


Creo Dialogs available for Pro/Web.Link applications.

Calling Creo Dialogs

Options for distributing Pro/Web.Link apps in your company.

Options for distributing your Pro/Web.Link apps.

Installing a Web Server for your Intranet.

Steps for Installing a Web Server.

Workspace Recovery Script for Creo and Windchill

Windchill WS Recovery.

Using Office ActiveX to improve workflows

PowerPoint ActiveX.