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Peer To Peer PDM

Iíve been interested in Programming and automation for many years despite being involved in Mechanical Design software and consulting. It often struck me as odd that the two disciplines donít really operate the same. Mechanical design is or has been organized in what feels like a linear development methodology and Software often feels like it is hacked together until it works. Kindof polar opposites. Of course Iím generalizing greatly.

Iíve come to the conclusion in the last few years that Modelling in Creo Parametric (and probably any other parametric, feature based modeler for that matter) is actually a programming job in many ways.

PDM of file-based CAD data has always been a trickier affair than simply throwing the files into a bucket. Associative systems like Pro/ENGINEER rely on the inter-relationships between files to be left intact. At the same time PTC and indeed all others kindof boxed Mechanical designers into a one-sized fits all linear paradigm for the genre of Product Data Management, now Product Lifecycle Management. This nicely progressing view of the world is increasingly seen as antiquated in the software world and indeed for many years there have been articles and blog posts from individuals expressing a desire to bring some of the easy experimentation principles to bear to Creo data management.

Millennials have been much sterotyped as desiring a zero training, zero effort solution, an App which has few features but enough to keep on moving. Indeed the ranks of CAD experts seem to be dwindling with a new breed of Ďcasualí users filling their space. The old adage that Ďif you think professionals are expensive, just wait till you hire an amateurí doesnít seem to apply.

And that try everything with low cost and high volume plays into a modernistic dream of crowdsourcing your next products from anywhere. A companies network and firewall policy is increasingly being considered a hangmans rope.

The Basic Idea

For the above forces, I decided that I would build a real experiment with a simple data management system that did the bare minimum for Creo Parametric and demonstrated another way of approaching data management of Creo data.






I've spent a couple of hundreds hours of spare time over the last year or so, tweaking bits on this idea. I hope you take the time to give it some thought. Ultimately the idea is not patentable and nor should it be, the software community via the genius of Linus Torvalds has been doing this for years and with an Open Source mentality that benefits all. I hope the work sparks more of a discussion about a topic I care deeply; that of the best way to get value from Creo Parametric.




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