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Value Proposition

What's been most interesting to me has been how little real barrier there is to try something out. You don't need to be a professional programmer, the internet really has made it possible for anyone to have a go.


Now this chart is my personal opinion regarding PTC's state of affairs as regarding data management. They would refute all gaps of course but it's upon this that I base my critique of value that a Peer to Peer set of features can bring.


Linus Torvals, Genius creator of Linux, GIT and more

A pretty lengthy 1hr+ youtube video of a presentation he made at Google to Google programmers. I encourage you to watch, it's enlightening but here's my key take aways:


I especially like the talk of performance, a topic that plagues most CAD Admins who work for large global corporations where the database is centrally located a long way away from users. Can you imagine merging/updating 22 thousand workspace objects in less than 1 second. Linus is a hard task master compared to what we MCAD people are used to.


GIT and why we need Distributed PLM

A nice article that summarises the basic differences in workflow relative to traditional PDM. Emphasises the non-linearity aspect of work.


GIT is not a new Idea

This article demonstrates that folks have been talking about using GIT for CAD file management for years now.


Stage gate is not good enough in todays world

The world is getting faster and faster according to this article.


Someone should do GIT for CAD

Another Chris laments about GIT for cad on this tweet. I havn't delivered exactly what he's asking for but you can see many years ago he had a thirst for this.


Grabcad Workbench

This tool is kindof the closest thing you're going to get to GIT for CAD from a paid up vendor. Love the idea, it's really well executed. Personally I don't like spending extra money on cloud services.


Why move to a distributed version management system?

Quite a funny rant rant that kindof takes the piss out the many folks who claim the old days were better.


Using Google drive

Pretty simple premise.


CAD users need more than folders

The ugly side of cloud is revealed in my opinion in this article.


Using git for CAD is a mistake

Genuinely thought provoking rationale for why you should use GrabCAD's paid for service rather than build your own.


3rd party Google drive apps

Oleg continues to wax lyrically about cloud PDM.


We could lose check-in/out

Oleg continues to wax lyrically about cloud PDM. Personally I think the two-stage commit of GIT is more logical than instantly sending my files to someone else.


PDM is a personal productivity tool

Ultimately your data needs to go into a companies master record. More often than not that master record is a PDM System (with giant servers, IT staff on hand, an Oracle DBA or two and so on). Sad to say but you just can't get away from this in my opinion if you're a multiple person company.


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