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Internet Resources

Note, all these resources are external to http://www.proetoolbox.co.uk. We do not accept any responsibility for materials available on them. If you don't find what you're after, try out Google Search from here.



W3 Schools - Fantastic resource for learning HTML, JavaScript and CSS.


Sitepoint - Fantastic authors writing fantastic books.


.net Magazine - I love this magazine even though I can't make beautiful websites.

Yahoo User Interface

YUI - This is so cool you need to check it out.

ExtJS Interface Components Library

ExtJS - Commercial JavaScript Library with components that YUI doesn't have.

jQuery User Interface JavaScript Library

jQueryUI - Popular JavaScript Library rival to YUI and ExtJS.

jQuery Cheat Sheet

jQuery - Cheatsheet from MakeAWebSiteHub.com.

HTML5 Cheat Sheet

HTML5 - Cheatsheet from MakeAWebSiteHub.com.

CSS Cheat Sheet

CSS - Cheatsheet from MakeAWebSiteHub.com.


PTC Support

PTC Support - Drop your bugs and direct questions in here.

PTC Tutorials

PTC Tutorials - Learn about Pro/E.


Pro/E FAQ 2009 - A FAQ with some nicely documented Pro/Web.Link Content.

CAD Digest

CAD Digest - Site with Links to Many Pro/E Articles... some Tutorials on JLink, Pro/Web.Link.

PTC User Community

PTC User - Join the community...A healthy forum exists in this site for the Pro/ENGINEER API's.


The Software Factory

The Software Factory - Worked with them on a number of projects and always loved the result.

Inversion Consulting

Inversion Consulting - A lot of people have paid complements to the content on this blog.


SciTE (Scintilla Text Editor)

SciTE - My new favourite code editor.


Notepad++ - Superb code editor.


MSDN - Slow and hard work but sometimes you just need to go there.

Inneo Solutions

Inneo - You could write your own Startup tools but these guys have them ready to go.

SmartAssembly from Sigmaxim

Sigmaxim - SmartAssembly has a custom script language that some claim is even easier than Pro/Web.Link.