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About www.proetoolbox.co.uk

Wrench value from your Pro/E InvestmentsPro/E Toolbox exists to introduce the concept of 'Simple Automation' through PTC's Pro/Web.Link (Creo Parametric) Module.

Wrench value from your Pro/E InvestmentsSimple Automation is a low-risk proven avenue with which to remove cost from your design processes whilst maintaining or improving quality.

Wrench value from your Pro/E InvestmentsWhile much of the websites content is free, it has been designed to supplement and reinforce the 'A Pro/Engineers Guide to Pro/Web.Link' book by Chris Lewis.

Wrench value from your Creo InvestmentsThe chapters are a complete set of tutorials which teach how to create custom Creo Parametric software applications. The result of this website and the book (available as hardcopy and download) is very cost-effective training that helps Creo users learn to unlock value with Simple Design Automation applications.

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Measure the benefits Simple Automation can bring The websites 'Why Automate' pages explain where benefit can be acheived and why so many IT projects fail. The pages also go into the Capabilties and Limitations of Pro/Web.Link so you can decide if it's right for you.


Painting Classes for Pro/Web.Link The websites 'Learn Pro/Web.Link' pages briefly list the tried and tested process for getting up and running with Pro/Web.Link.


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Resources for Toolbox owners Book owners can use the websites 'Book Resources' page to download the book chapter examples in electronic format. All code has been written in a plain style with plenty of comments so that they can be quickly repurposed to other requirements.

Resources for Toolbox owners Book owners can take advantage of a quantity of additional 'Bonus Applications' which have been formulated to help kick-start an Intranet.

Resources for Toolbox owners Book owners are also entitled to a customised code Editor specifically tailored to the Pro/Web.Link API. Code Highlighting and Completion is supplemented with built-in API reference to improve productivity for newcomers.


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Saw Pro/E up for your purposes Interesting ways to tweak the Creo Install are listed in the 'Creo Hacks' section of the website. The website is added-to so users should subscribe to the RSS feed so they can be informed of the latest information.


Hammer some other nails Programming is an ongoing learning exercise. The 'Other Articles' section of the website covers techniques for JavaScript and User Interface definition all of which enhance both the Solution development process and result.


Wrench value from your Creo Investments I've also collected together a series of Internet Links which together mean that Pro/E Toolbox can indeed be your 'one-stop-shop' to getting started with Pro/Web.Link. Use these to find other resources to enhance your solutions.


Wrench value from your Pro/E InvestmentsI've developed almost a hundred different Pro/Web.Link based utilities at many consulting jobs over my 10+ years at PTC. Everyone wants to get more value out of their Creo investment. Whether you are a seasoned PTC Consultant, a full-time Design Engineer or even a Student looking for a job, anyone can learn to create value with Pro/Web.Link, give it a try.



Thanks for reading,
Chris Lewis,
Author of 'A Pro/ENGINEERS Guide to Pro/Web.Link' and X-PTC Consultant